Why should you Visit Bali?

Eating out in Bali is Magic

You can have lunch at a café on the beach and a three course dinner including drinks at a fine local restaurant and still have change from $30.00 (AUD)

The Weather

The weather is always warm and tropical, night and day you will never need a jumper or long pants.

The People

Balinese are warm, friendly and always happy. They love tourists especially children. Bali is a safe relaxing and economical holiday destination.

The Culture

Bali’s architecture gardens, religion and culture are all fascinating. This tropical paradise has it all contained in a small island that everyone should experience

The Girls will Love the Shopping

The number, variety and volume of Bali shops is legendary. The girls will shop till they drop at a fraction of the price they would elsewhere.

For some great links visit www.bali.com